BetaVet Prepare
BetaVet Prepare
BetaVet Prepare

BetaVet Prepare

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Adaptogenic herbs to help counter stress for more consistent training and performance. This formula helps to tone core strength for robust resilience building lean muscle mass, a nice top line and soft lustrous coat resulting in peak condition.

  • A nourishing whole body tonic
  • Helps to maintain optimal energy production and assist with recovery
  • Promotes optimum health in performance horses
  • Provides liver support to horses grazing on high endophyte pastures with high mycotoxin activity
  • For balanced behaviour with a marked improvement in attitude
  • Conditioning for yearling prep for sale and a beneficial tonic for lactating mares
  • General health, vitality & appetite tonic



Withania root

Schiandra Fruit

Siberian Ginseng Root

Rhodiola Rosea Root

Licorice Root