Digest Rite Sport

Digest Rite Sport

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Digest-Rite provides a combination of scientifically proven pre-biotics, digestive enzymes, toxin binders and rice bran, all enhance digestion and at the same time help maintain a healthy digestive tract. It also helps prevent the absorption of harmful toxins and acids resulting from the digestion of some grasses and grains.

It has a 4 way action:

> Firstly by slowing the passage of food through the small intestine, allowing more time for the horse’s own digestive enzymes to work.
> Secondly, by enhancing digestion through the inclusion of enzymes that break down sugar and starch.
> The inclusion of the pre-biotics helps maintain a functional gut wall and ensures that nutrients are absorbed efficiently following digestion.
> Finally the silicated oxides help prevent the absorption of potentially harmful toxins .

Digest-Rite should be fed to sport and pleasure horses receiving a grass and grain diet or those grazing pastures where conditions are likely to cause nutritional problems such as over-excitability, muscle tye-up, laminitis or are grazing on fresh pasture or containing endophyte rye grass , paspalum or kikuyu.

Digest-Rite contains no prohibited substances so can be safely fed before and during competition.

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