Tent Magic Re-Proofer

Tent Magic Re-Proofer

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Waterproofer for all Cotton Canvas materials such as tents and horse covers.

Tent Magic provides protection for cotton canvas items. It is a proven high quality water proofer, and has a mould and mildew inhibitor built in. As cotton canvas ages, it becomes porous, and modern water proofings fail to restore the necessary body of the fabric to ensure a full water repellent finish.

Using this water based proofer helps fill these points of failure and leaves a waterproof breathable finish. Tent Magic dries leaving a whitewash effect on the fabric.

IMPORTANT - PLEASE NOTE: some of the canvas products on the market today such as boat covers, outdoor furniture covers and horse covers are synthetic or acrylic canvases. They look and feel like canvas but they are not. Tent Magic will not work on these products but we have Tent Magic Ultra which is suitable for synthetic materials and canvases as well. Before ordering, please check with the manufacturer. If this is not possible then here is a way you can check the type of fabric.

If possible take a small hidden spare sample of the fabric and light it - if it burns it is canvas. If it smoulders it is acrylic or synthetic.

So there you have it, TENT MAGIC, 100% kiwi technology. Each litre should cover an estimated 6 square metres depending on fabric age, condition and prior proofing treatments and fabric density.


Please note that Tent Magic dries leaving a whitewash affect on the fabric.

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