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Improves forage and feed quality for horses, ponies and donkeys.

NZ ToxDefy contains Novasil Plus which is the only toxin binder to pass registration  in Europe. 
Combined with a pre-biotic for hind gut flora health it is both palatable and effective.

The dose can be fed am and pm however feeding more than the recommended dose is not necessary.

Novasil Plus is particularly good at binding aflatoxins  (otherwise known as storage mycotoxins) so is ideal to add to all hard feeds.

Ideal for regions and times of humidity when fungi are stressed, producing myco-toxins which can affect the health and behaviour of our horses.

* Please note that the signs of mineral imbalances and mycotoxicity frequently cross over but it is important to know that there are two different causes of some of the problems. so if your horse doesn’t respond to a toxin binder such as ToxDefy,  it is likely that toxins aren’t the problem, but mineral imbalances are – and vice versa. The feeding of salt, GrazeEzy and/or SOS usually addresses mineral imbalance issues so long as you also take steps to reduce potassium intake. 

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